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Refresh Your Home and Neutralize Bad Odors.

We use a commercial vapor steamer to sanitize, kill bacteria and neutralize bad odors. Also we use best products for fighting tough odors including smoke, food and urine. Leave no sticky residue on fabrics and surfaces.  This is a special service. Ask for estimates. 


Mold, Soap Scum, Reddish Color in Showers? Request Serv (407) 572-4118

Many households suffer of soap scum, mold or reddish color in showers. Mold in a bathroom is extremely common place because the bathroom may be humid due to moisture. Try to keep it dry and clean as much as you can. You can avoid soap scum if you start using body wash instead of regular soap.  

 If you want to clean it yourself, use a mild soap or a multisurface cleaner. The KEY IS TO RINSE WELL. If you don't do that, the product will be sticky on the surface and will attract more dirt and scum. If the condition of the grout lines and shower is really heavy, please open all windows and read the label of the product that you are planning to use. Take your precautions. 

Another people suffer of reddish color because the water purifier system is not  working properly or they don't have any at all. For people that have well water at home, I'm pretty sure that they have reddish brown stains all over their bathroom.


If you are looking for a professional house cleaning that knows how to clean efficiently, please call Fiorella at (407) 572-4118 

 I use my commercial vapor steamer to do this type of work. 

See videos & photos below. 

 First Video: Heavy Duty Shower Cleaning


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 * We have change the business phone number to (407) 572-4118



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